Financing Your Swimming Pool


The Most Common Options Pool Buyers Choose For Financing Their Swimming Pool

The vast majority of pool buyers opt to finance the purchase of their swimming pool in one shape or form or another. Very few buyers are going to pay for such a large purchase in cash. Most are going to look to secure financing through one of the most common methods of financing. want to assist you in completely understanding how most people go about obtaining pool financing and how it usually works when applying for a pool loan. We’ve helped thousands of pool buyers over the last few decades find the financing they need in order to fully fund their projects. It’s our keen in-depth knowledge of the swimming pool industry coupled with strong relationships with a network of Pool Financing companies that enable us to find pool buyers financing. Many pool buyers use this website as a resource to guide them through the pool financing process and point them in the right direction when looking to secure financing.

Pool buyers normally use one of the following methods to pay for their pool or a combination.

The most common methods used to finance a pool are.

  1. Home Equity Line
  2. Second Mortgage
  3. Secured Loan
  4. Unsecured Loan
  5. Cash or Credit Card

Pool Financing Hint: If you are planning to finance a big portion of your project, getting pre-approval from your lender will help streamline the process before starting to have companies come out to bid on the project. Many times folks find they have a tough time obtaining the financing necessary to build their dream pool because of credit challenges or not having enough equity in their home. You can check out how much swimming pools cost in your local area on our sister site

Home Equity Lines & Second Mortgages
Of all listed, the most popular methods are second mortgages and equity lines which allow home owners to borrow against the equity in their homes. These are relatively easy to secure and have competitive rates.

Unsecured Loan
For those persons who a 2nd mortgage or home-equity line is not an option, there is still hope. Unsecured loans do not require home equity, but you will need solid credit. If this seems like an option for you, we would suggest contacting Viking Capital, a pool loan specialist that specializes in unsecured swimming pool loans.

Simply check out the information and links below to find out how to apply, calculate monthly payments, and learn other benefits such as:

Unsecured Swimming Pool Loan Rates Provided By Viking Capital

*4.99 – 14.24% APR w/AutoPay | Up to 12 Years* | Up to $100,000
*Rates from 7.99% | 12 Year Term | Up to $65,000