The Most Common Pool Buying Questions

10 Questions You Should Ask Before You Buy a Pool

Most Common Pool Buying Questions People Ask Pool Contractors

10 Most Important Questions To Ask Your Pool Contractor

Installing a swimming pool is an enormous undertaking. It’s extremely stressful for a homeowner to see a construction crew come in and completely tear up their backyard just to excavate a huge hole in the ground. Not knowing the pool building process can be much more difficult to deal with if you have no understanding what happens when building a pool can soften the blow for many homeowners that aren’t sure what to expect.

To save yourself from “diving into the wrong end of the pool”, begin the project by interviewing several prospective Pool Contractors before you accept a formal swimming pool quote from anyone. Keep in mind that this person and his team will be in your backyard for what could be weeks, even months. Not only do you want to establish a comfortable rapport with your pool builder personally, but you want to have a complete picture and better understanding of what the overall vision is for your project and how it will be managed by his team through the entire pool construction process.

Feel free to use the following questions to serve as a guideline through what really essentially is an interview process. These questions are not only designed to help you get to know your Pool Contractor better but also serve to completely inform you, the consumer:

  1. In general, what is the process to build a pool? This will not only give you a general overview of the construction process, but an idea early on of exactly what the building package will and will not include.
  2. What is this best pool design that fits my vision and the area? It is time to get specific. Now is the time to present to the Contractor with your vision for the project and to make it clear what you want. This is also a good opportunity to rely on his suggestion based on his years of expertise.
  3. What is the best pool financing option? As the customer, this is something you will definitely consider as you figure out exactly how to pay for your pool. What are the best financing options for building your pool?
  4. What options for decorations do you provide? (example: tiles, stones, or pavers)
  5. How will the plumbing in the pool work and what should you know for simple maintenance? The more you know about how your pool works, the easier it will be to maintain. Who will service my pool when the time comes?
  6. Do you provide additional services such as landscaping, decks, ect.? If not, do you have a company you work with or could recommend?
  7. Now that the pool design plan as been established, what will be your specific plan for this project? Gain a clear understanding of the overall process and various milestones, including the basic construction and permit needs.
  8. How much will your swimming pool cost? Use this Pool Calculator to estimate. Are there any “unknowns” that could result in additional costs as the construction progresses?
  9. What is the schedule for building a pool? What day will they begin and approximately how long will the process take? Are there any factors such as weather or permit issues that may slow the process down? And if so, how do you manage around those types of situations?
  10. What should I do to prepare for this project on my end?

It’s Important To Educate Yourself On The Pool Building Process As Much As Possible

Pool Buying Questions To Ask Your Contractor

Educate Yourself On The Pool Building Process

Use this website and others like it as a resource to better educate yourself but remember this has been what you have been saving and dreaming about so enjoy the process. Remember, this pool will be your backyard oasis. The project will turn out so much better if you remain fully engaged throughout the process. Before you know it, you and your family and friends will be relaxing in your backyard splashing around in your beautiful new pool.

Finding a pool contractor can be tough, it’s hard to know who to trust and if they are qualified and will do a good job. You want to make sure that whomever you choose to build your pool, you have a level of confidence and trust in. If they answer these questions to your satisfaction, that’s a step in the right direction.